Come Fly With Us

Whether it’s becoming a private or professional pilot or flying for your first time, Taylor-Made has you covered.


Discovery Flight

We are pleased to offer our first time customers their first experience at the controls at a discounted rate. It will highlight the maneuvers performed in every phase of flight in our C-172/N249NY along with premium instruction from one of our Certified Flight Instructors.


Flight Training

Taylor-Made can do it all! We offer anywhere from Private Pilot all the way up to Flight Instructor Training. We also offer Single Engine and Multi Engine Training. Taylor-Made has also partnered with Sandhills Aviation to offer career oriented pilots a step to the next level. Our Bridge Program can take you there.

Meet Our Team

Our friendly and knowledgeable instructors love
sharing their passion and experiences of flying
with others.


Taylor-Made Bridge Program

Taylor-Made Flight Training is an FAA CFR Part 61 flight school looking to transition into operating under CFR Part 141 in the near future.  In the meantime, along with our normal flight training, we offer opportunities for you to train with us during your progress of obtaining a commercial certificate and/or a multi-engine rating, to better prepare you for potentially your first commercial pilot job straight out of training.

Our Partners

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