We have the capability and resources to meet your needs

Taylor-Made Flight Training is a local Part 61 flight training operation that offers flight instruction to obtain your private, instrument, and commercial ratings. Taylor-Made’s Chief Flight Instructor and co-owner has his CFI, CFII, MEI with many years of flight instruction under his belt, along with several years of aerial imaging experience working alongside Sandhills Aviation. Taylor-Made brings onto its staff CFI’s who wish to eventually work for Sandhills Aviation, as well as bringing in pilots in various stages of their flight training wishing to complete their ratings and transition into a real-world pilot position immediately. Pilots that have trained with Taylor-Made and employed by Sandhills Aviation have transitioned to Part 121, Part 135 operations, and other various pilot positions that require a high number of hours and advanced level of experience.

Taylor-Made is actively seeking CFI’s and pilots interested in this bridge program with Sandhills Aviation, along with pilots who simply wish to receive their flight ratings. From someone whose goal is to gain their private rating so they can fly their personal aircraft around at their leisure, to those who wish to be competitive in the workforce, Taylor-Made has the capability and the resources to meet your needs. Ready to get started?